Shocking!, Mark Zuckerberg At Google + More Popular Than Google Founders, Larry Page

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Indeed, the unexpected and shocking!, Especially for Google's own figures! Since Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO and founder) joined the Google+ accounts, Zuckerberg popularity exceeds the popularity of Google's founders and owner, Larry Page.

As released by TechCrunch, Google's statistical data on July 5, 2011 states, account Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) was ranked first by the number of followers 21 213 people. This exceeds the followers of the founder and owner of his own Google, Larry Page with a number of followers: 14 798 people.

From the data it is also, accounts owned by Larry Page was ranked second and was followed by Vic Gundrota Google + social media makers and Sergey Brin who co-founded Google in the top four. (

With this data, it could be surprised and embarrassed for the characters on Google. This is not really surprising?. Since Mark Zuckerberg founded the social networking Facebook, which is currently the most popular social network in the world, he became extraordinarily popular in various media. Moreover, in 2010, Zuckerberg set by Times magazine as "Person of the Year".

TechCrunch is the manufacturer's site statistics Google+ ranking made ​​by the team behind TwitterCounter based in Amsterdam.


Key to Success Troubleshooting Businessman Human Resources For Beginners

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Employee problems, often make the headache beginner businessmen. Because the problem could be manifold: the salary demands?, low skills?, work ethic?, honesty?, until the problem stops without permission (loyalty)?.

There is often employees do not feel at home, so that not even one month of work, he has asked out of a job.

The main key to solve the problem, is located on the initial acceptance and rational salary system, tailored to the type of work.

Therefore, it created a work culture that comfortable, good cooperation between employees, not authoritarian and do not be too bureaucratic, but should be target oriented business.

Based on the experience of several successful businessman, a family approach will make employees feel at home working with you.

Also, do not create dependency work on just one or two employees. because it could give rise to problems later on, if at any time your employees just came out.

Good luck!

Don't Be Like This !!!

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A change in the life of a pay-be entrepreneurs with the pressures or business issues, often making motivation a novice businessman to be down. It may be that businesses are complaining because they felt taking care of business was really tiring, is not as easy as imagined.

"Better to be payday!", So maybe you grumbled. True, in the early days in business, people might pay better it works, but remember that after after going through hard times and growing business, then there is no denying that the entrepreneur is better than the payday! therefore, do not let you sink to the existing pressure.

Keep the spirit and motivation to stay in business. The trick?, You try to follow some tips below:
    • Remember always what is your goal! And make sure you can solve business problems, so you will succeed!

    • Read books, take seminars to learn the motivation and always seek out the most effective way of business problems.

    • Looking for friends who can motivate and support your activities. Avoid friends or environment will lower morale and motivation.

    • Do not be shy to ask the entrepreneurs who have successfully ahead of you

    Ok and good luck!

    Three Ways To Prepare Emergency Fund

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    Emergency fund is required to anticipate when that will be pioneered efforts fail. However, this emergency fund is not mandatory because not everyone can provide it. Then, how many reserve fund to be prepared? There is no definite limit, depending on the condition of each person.

    The amount of emergency funds, typically ranging from 6 to 12 times the cost of living per month. To get a backup, you can save. And to save money, there is no excuse for not saving. This is where the need to suppress the consequences of your spending, so that fundraising can be run properly.

    How do you prepare a emergency fund?

    There are three ways as follows:

    1. Pressing Expenditure
    Make a monthly expenditure planning needs and evaluate what can be reduced, postponed or even eliminated, since spending tesebut not urgent.

    2. Increase Revenue
    Doing business casual or a side job. If you are an employee, you can work overtime.

    3. Combine the Two.
    You can do both to accelerate the collection of your fund.

    Good luck :).

    To Start a Business Success, Don't Forget This Five Steps

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    With the start up to have your own business, surely you could have more time and flexibility. So that everything goes according to the wishes of your business, do not forget to do the following five steps:

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    Good luck :)
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