The Difference Between Leaders and Employers

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Business success will be determined by how strong leadership you have. Because in your business no longer work alone. Avoid the nature of the employer, because the nature of the leader is very different from the nature of the employer.

For that you need to know the difference:
1. A leader will create a trust, an employers usually creates fear.
2. The nature of leadership will foster a spirit, the nature of employers' growing ire
3. A leader would say 'we', one employer said, 'I'.
4. A leader shows a way to improve and guide, an employers will be denounced and rebuked if an error occurred.
5. A leader shows how to subordinates, an employers only know for himself.
6. The nature of leadership makes the job becomes interesting, the nature of the employers makes the job boring.
7. A leader believes will help his subordinates, an employers believe in the power authority.
8. A leader will lead, an employers would lead.

Good luck!

Success Tips To Determine Your Target Market

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When you run a business, do not forget to specify or determine the segment of consumer products for which one?

For example, if you open a boutique business, whether the segment just for women only or for men and women? Or from the class of medium-income or high? All of that will determine what products will be offered.

Here, tips on success in determining the target market:

Single Specialization
Where a company only selects a single segment. For example, the book publishing business with the option market for popular reading about the financial and business.

Selective Specialization
The company chose a number of segments selectively, can be more than two and among these options there are segments that attract and objectively assessed. For example, shoe companies make products for the elite at a premium price and excellent quality with the brand "My Starshoe", and for the middle class makes the brand product "My Shoe" with lower quality.

Product Specialization
Companies that only focus to produce a particular product sold in several segments.

Market Specialization
Companies that focus serves many needs of a particular group. For example, selling a variety of products to hospitals consisting of various medical equipment.

All Markets
Companies that serve the entire group of customers with all the products that they may need. Usually, this strategy can only be large companies.

Okay and good luck!

Stupid is The Key To Success

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The series of words that could be a lot of people who disagree even against it? But if we understand it in detail, it turns out "that stupid key to success" is true.

To quote the principle of Bob Sadino, an Indonesian billionaire is extraordinary success:

"Stupid is the basic attitude if you want to become an entrepreneur. Because, you will be much to see phenomena, events, knowledge, or new knowledge that you never get before.

And according to uncle Bob (for Bob Sadino close calls), "Someone who already feel good, actually has 'cut off his own head'."

"People who feel it would be foolish to believe in other people who are smarter than him. If failed, stupid man will never feel like a failure, but instead he felt was learning to be smart. And finally, the fool can be a boss smart people! !! "(

What did you think?

Four Steps Just Select Business Partners

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In running a business, you will need a partner. But to find a partner is not easy. Because of the partnership, often the problems arise both in the beginning, middle or when business began to grow. Trigger problems that arise frequently arises is one of the partners or all of them fight each other for influence over the business?

To anticipate, it can take appropriate steps in choosing a business partner:

1. Giving priority to people who have known or someone who has been referenced by by your friends. Partnering with people who are already known to be very necessary, because you know the track record of that person. Yet still needed careful consideration. Because if there is a dispute will bring the risk of rupture of friendship or family relationship breakup.

2. Money is not the main. A good partner not only those who put their money without thinking about business let alone participate only request the results.

3. Many seek as much information about potential partners. You can use all communication channels, including channels outside the business.

4. Ask other people's opinions about prospective partners. No harm in asking the opinion of your friend to assess prospective partners in a sanati meeting in cafes or in the discussion of business plans. Instead, you invite your friends who you believe are able to judge someone from their behavior. For people who are experts, how to talk and face to a person's eyes can be used to assess the honesty of someone!

Good luck!

Important! Have Vision And Mission For Your Business

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Have a vision and mission, when you run a business. Due to the vision and mission, you will have a plan and purpose of what your business on 2.5, or 10 years into the future. You will not easily give up and more diligent in running your business.

Meanwhile, without a clear vision and mission:
You will be easily changed or moved around in running your business. Like, if you have obstacles, you will give up and move on to other business fields.
You will only pursue profits misguided, short-term and usually only money-oriented. As a result, your business will not last long could even go bankrupt.

But if you're in the process of learning to pioneer a business or looking for a suitable business, vision and mission is not compulsory. Because, in starting a business from scratch (new business) and you have never tried at all, usually just adds a long series of deliberations and could hamper for immediate start.

However, goal setting minimum stay is required when starting a business, especially the determination of sales turnover, target customers, marketing strategies that must be achieved so that the principal capital reached (Break Even Point). Ok!

Good luck

Based Business Benefits Of Hobbies

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In my previous article about "How To Find Sources Of Business Ideas?", one of unsurnta is a hobby. For someone hobby is a wonderful and fun hobby if it is brought to a business, will provide great benefits for the business. Of course, with creativity and innovation that the business owner.

Here are some benefits that can be achieved based on the hobby:

1. Job Satisfaction
With the hobby will get the job satisfaction that will produce optimal output.

2. Increasing Professionalism
Business is done with love will provide the motivation and passion to do it consistently which will result in increased professionalism. People will master the task.

3. The Maximum Service
Because done with love of course you will try to produce the best and the result would be best received by customers as well.

4. Get Big Money
Because the maximum results, the opportunity to earn money will be more open and business will be growing.

5. Adding Motivation / Morale is terrible
Work done with love and heartfelt will cause a great spirit or motivation. You will feel not resolve the job, but doing your hobby.

Although the hobby can provide great benefits, you must continue to think rationally and not emotionally. Not every hobby can be extremely valuable business, because it has no market and no benefit for consumers. The assumption: not all collections can be used as investment goods.

Good luck!

Ashley Qualls Get BIG Money With Creative Ideas

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This 14-year-old teenage girls the most horrendous cyberspace, Ashley Qualls. Despite dropping out of school, these girls never gave up. With the talent and creativity possessed, she has created amazing work!

Through her work: WhatEverLife, Ashley Qualls offers layouts for MySpace and free tutorials. And her site has been visited by 250,000 visitors every day. This amount exceeded the rating sites in the world famous teen magazines like Teen Vogue, Seventeen and Cosmogirl.

With more than 7 million monthly visitors and 60 million page views, site WhatEverLife creations have earned income from Google Adsense for US $ 70,000 / month (reported by yahoo).

Ashley Qualls who was originally just a teenage girl, with talent and creativity, has now become a young millionaire with an income of about US $ 4 million.

A wonderful inspiration!

The Success Story Of Salesman Stutter

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Sales Manager of a book publishing company, was surprised at all. How not surprisingly, a salesman who stuttered speech, managed to achieve record sales than any salesman who does not stutter.

Even making these books became the best seller!. "How could he persuade people with words that hypnotize so that they would like to buy books it sells books, while speaking just stutter?", Thought the manager

Because keep the curious, the Manager to meet the salesman was stuttering.
"Hey .. you're here!", Call the Manager. "WW..What sssir?.", Replied the salesman with a stutter. "Tricks of what you use to book a bestseller?", Asked the Manager. Then the stuttering salesman replied, "III not uu..use a.a.aany tt..trick, sssir. WW..W..When II..I of..offer tt..tthis bbb.bbook to pe..ppeople, II..I only gg..gave tt..t.two chch..choices!"

"MM..Ma'aam / SS.. Sir, this bbbook ww..ww..would be bbbo..bought oo..or www..would I rr..rread it ....."

If you as a prospective buyer, the better the book was bought or read only by him?

Did You Have Key Business Success?

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The key to successful business is something to be done in the business so that business can be successful or otherwise, if something is not done, business will be ruined!

Important! ... The key to successful business is different for each different type of business.

For example:
Restaurant Business
The key to successful business is in delicious cuisine restaurant, cleanliness and speed of service. While price is not the key to success. Since most consumers are willing to pay for food at higher prices, when the three elements are met. Consumers are willing to pay more for a taste that can satisfy them.

Internet Rental Business
The key to successful Internet Rental Business is on the speed of access (connection) and a cozy room full AC. Although its location is very strategic, if the slow connection speed, Internet Rental Business will not succeed.

Then how to know the key to business success?

Observe and Learn
By observe and learn the business that has been successful and look at the factors that made ​​the most outstanding business success.

Reading and Interview
By reading the book and interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have a business that you want.

Discuss together with people you believe have knowledge of your intended business

If possible, consult with a business consultant.

Good luck!

Keep It Simple For Business Plan

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To create a business plan do not be complicated, should be made as simple as possible and easy to implement. plan was made not to create confusion, but the plan was made to help you run a business that will be developed.

To facilitate creating a business plan, you can use Mind maps developed by Tony Buzan. In developing a new business often been confused and dazed by his own thoughts. Usually thought of the many preparations to be made.

With a Mind map, you can easily simplify the problem and give an overall picture and make sure nothing is overlooked, such as: Where to get funding? Should a large capital to start-up capital? Is it necessary to borrow capital? and others.

Ingt, good planning will help your business operations running smoothly, because every step will lead to the goal that has been made​​.

In order for your business plan running smoothly, make things that are structured like:

1. Company Objectives
2. Company Name
3. Legal Aspects
4. Marketing Aspect
5. Management Aspect
6. Financial aspects (capital)

Good luck!

BIG Money With Simple Idea

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In 1951, Ms. Bette Graham still be an executive secretary whose duties often typing important documents.

Because often experience errors typing and repeating, and she has the idea of ​​covering a typo with quick frozen white liquid that she has made his own.

Apparently white liquid plus frozen fast small brush she made, really liked her friends and others. Quick frozen creations white liquid that she called Mistake Out.

With Mistake Out demand that more and more, she finally produced it in large quantities and set up factories Mistake Out.

In 1972, its turnover has reached five million bottles per year Mistake Out. And when she died in 1980, Ms. Bette Graham's wealth reached U$ Dollars 47.5 million.

From a simple idea to cover up the wrong document type, Bette Ms. Graham makes a very rich, a millionaire!

IEC ITB 2011, The Event Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs Indonesian Candidate

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This is the event for prospective young entrepreneurs, especially students of all universities in Indonesia have the entrepreneurial spirit in their respective fields. This event is an annual event the Department of Economics KM ITB with the concept of "Business Plan Competition".

ITB Entrepreneurship Challenge 2011 has a vision and mission of "Inspiring, appreciate and realization Business Innovation and Creativity Among Youths Indonesia, especially students."

From this event, in the year 2010 has resulted in Indonesia's young entrepreneurs are successful, including:

  • Tim Ganesha (Ichwan Adhi Kurniawan, Fela Rizki Ward, and Fadolly Ardin) and managed to produce super-efficient lights "Ganesha Led". The lamp uses only 3 watts of electricity, but power illumination equivalent 100-watt bulb or 45 watt fluorescent lamp. (Tempo Online)

  • Tim ITB (Galina Nugroho, Ari Try Purbayanto, Riza Aris Apriady, Kamalita Pertiwi, and Catherine Haryasyah) who developed the corn instant noodles and become champions III "International Competition in the Development of Food Technology" in Anaheim, United States,(

Detailed information on the IEC ITB 2011, please click here


Tips To Determine The Selection of Business Ideas

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With so many business ideas that you find and you have made ​​the list, what's going to do next? You should be selecting becoming fewer. You must be pursing your choice, for example to 3 choices that you think most fitting.

For ease in selecting a suitable business idea, use some of the following criteria:

The Level of Expertise
Choose a business idea that in accordance with the expertise you have or you are good at science.

Interest Rate And Interest
The more you are interested in business ideas, the more likely you are to succeed in running the business.

Level Uniqueness
the more unique products or services offered, the greater the chances for success.

Cycle Products
Notice the cycles of products or services which you are entering. Is the product-related services needed can be sold seasonally or all year?

Product Life Cycle
Do not forget to take Product Life Cycle products and services. Is the product-related services are entering a period of saturated and lead to the decline in market demand, or are still in the stage of market growth which is characterized by trends product time.

Rate Ease of Access
Business ideas must have easy access such as the availability of raw materials, equipment used and other. Although a business idea has a very good prospect, but if access is relatively difficult to realize the business or forecasted in the long run, businesses will find it hard materials?, better business idea was considered very carefully.

Once you know these criteria, you'll want to make the simulation as discussed earlier.

Good luck!

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Top Young Entrepreneur's First World Ranking

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For users of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg name would be familiar. He is the founder and creator of the hugely successful social networking that is facebook. Until September 2010, the wearer reaches nearly 250 million people.

Today, with a fortune of up to U$ Dollars 1.5 billion (Forbes Magazine), Mark Zuckerberg is a young entrepreneur's first ranking of the world whose age under 30 years old. And by Forbes magazine, he was crowned as' The Youngest 'Self-Made' Billionaire on the Planet ". Meanwhile, the Times magazine also gave the title as the" Person of the Year 2010 ", extraordinary!

Yes, his young age, Mark Zuckerberg has managed to hold the world's corporate giants: Microsoft, Accel Partners, Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners. In fact, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing also participated touted his money invested about 60 million dollars in November 2007 to Facebook.

Starting from his hobby of tinkering with computers, Mark Zuckerberg eventually become a young entrepreneur's first ranking of the world. Congratulations!

Start From Small Business, Why Not?

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There are still many people who when starting a business much thought to the benefits that will be obtained and forget how to make a profit itself.

This is what makes the emergence of the view the view that to start a business must have a large capital and forget about other technical skills that are actually very necessary!

Many new companies that later failed because they focused only how to raise capital but not matched by their ability to use their capital. In fact, business ideas and the people chosen are correct.

Facts prove, most successful entrepreneurs starting their own business by way of business (self employee) or a small business and then eventually become a business owner, is a business that can be abandoned at any time but is still running because the system runs with the growing solid.

It can be seen at IBM who founded Tom Watson, Sr. and his son Tom Watson, Jr. and MICROSOFT by Bill Gates who started his business from his garage, Liem Sioe Long (owner of the Salim Group). Yes, they started from a small business!

So why do we imitate it?, because the principle of starting a small business is a start that can be run part-time or invest more time than money. In essence, you have to engage much with your business!

The work that you can still do yourself, do not fully handed over to someone else. You can also share their capital with your colleagues, to minimize possible losses.

Good luck!

Six Steps To Success Establish Business Ideas

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Previously I have discussed ways how to find business ideas from various aspects .. Business idea so much, certainly not going to be done in full. So, you have to choose one business idea that you deserve value for the set and continued into the business. Because accuracy in choosing an idea, will largely determine the success of your business.

Six steps to success establish business ideas are:

1. Creating a Business Idea List
Make a list of business ideas as much as possible, which is of interest to you. Instead, use Mind Map with based on the sources of ideas.

2. Learning from Entrepreneurs
The goal: an effort to obtain input and experience from them., so that you do not choose a business idea, based only wishes. Also minimize the event of trial error in running your business.

3. Benchmarking
The goal: to find out more and more business will be undertaken. You'll get a picture of the capital, barriers and opportunities, compared with similar businesses already running.

4. Advice from Mentor / Advisor
The goal: to find out how early they start a business, find ideas, motivation, managing human resources, marketing and other.

5. Research field
The goal: determine the condition of business is real. You may not see the prospect of business just from the "outside". Research in question here is simple research, such as visit and communicate directly some of the business you want to do.

6. Make Simulation
The goal: to determines the various possibilities when the idea was implemented. Explore the possibility of good things or bad possibilities. Use the principle, "the majority of the time, the majority result. " The more you make the simulation, the more likely you are to find business ideas that really appropriate.

After the steps above you do!, you now have to determine a viable business idea to run. Do not forget, the choice should be based on the idea of ​​the magnitude of potential success and risk factors 'failure' is relatively the smallest.

Good luck!

Entrepreneur Is Like A Bird Flying Free

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I can assume people pay an employee or as a bird in a cage. You can certainly imagine how a bird living in a cage that always get regular food rations from the 'owner'. Food was there in front of him, but the birds do not have a chance to use its wings to fly further because it is restricted by the cage.

If too long in a cage, its wings will not work best because it is not used. Even so the bird could have forgotten or do not know anymore how to fly the truth? In fact, not infrequently, the bird died when the desperate out of the cage.

Learning from the story of the bird, the longer a person becomes people pay, the more difficult it is to be released from the shackles of his job.

Different the entrepreneurs, I suppose if the entrepreneur is like a bird flying free. With free flight, birds getting trained. The bird will try to find their own food in ways learned from the things that will be met. By trying and keep learning, the bird will be able to retrieve the results and benefits of what has been learned. more trained, the more he gets the results and benefits!

If you are a free-flying birds, then you will get something that maybe you would not imagine before:
1. Achieving financial freedom
2. Free independence from employers
3. Avoid dismissal at any time
4. Freedom from routine
5. Freedom to be creative
6. More freely with family and loved ones
7. Creating jobs
and many more ..

The Kamasutra Of Business: The Greatest Secret Weapon You Could Possible Want

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When you hear the word "Kamasutra", of course, inseparable from the art of lovemaking and sexual satisfaction. But the book written by Nury Vittachi, not talk about it.

The book "The Kamasutra of Business" is about the way how you will be able to give satisfaction to business partners, shareholders, customers, communities and even to God.

With a packed refreshing and humorous, policies Digest "The Kamasutra Of Business" this is how you:
  • Pack the product and increase added value
  • Using the strategies, strengths and niche market analysis
  • Menerapan fleksibilits a leader
  • Doing the right

This book is filled with faith, heart, and mind that invites us to do the contemplation, whether in personal life and in the behavior of doing business and competing in the values ​​of life and human relationships.

And more fun again, you do not need stealth while reading this book. You and your business partners will be satisfied 100%, as Suketu Mahta (author of the Pulitzer nominated book 'Maximum City: Bombay Lost And Fund'), "What a terrific read a book titled Kamasutra without stealth."

And there are many references from other successful leaders: Richard Branson, Sir Richard Burton, and others.

Brave Through The Comfort Zone

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In the previous article, has discussed the cause of 'Mental Block' is a 'Comfort Zone'. Comfort zone is the area where you feel safe, so if you are arriving outside the area, you will feel comfortable action.

Area inside the circle which has a comfortable area you enjoy, as if lined with thick, impenetrable walls. When you feel so comfortable with your job, then it is very difficult for you to penetrate areas such comfort to be an entrepreneur (who was in the area other comfort).

Example: If you're used to getting a monthly salary (the area at your convenience), then the income is uncertain which is a local businessman obtained outside the circle or the area of ​​new challenges.

However, if you dare fight to break through the wall and into new areas, you will need perjungan and learning. Because in this new area, you can just make mistakes and even failures (?). And Could you make a mistake? That's fine, because the mistake is one process that you must go through a learning phase.

And, if you are able and accustomed to penetrate to get out of the comfort, then you begin to expand your comfort area. And that is the 'New Comfort Zone'.

New Comfort Zone can be obtained by way of conscious and forced (such Termination of Employment). With that condition, you will think how to make money, so that could have an idea to open their own business.

While New Comfort Zone, can be done with a conscious, if you dare to penetrate your Comfort Zone and apply the principle of 'Could be due to normal'. Do with conscious, you will be better able to plan and try new things so that it becomes commonplace.

Now, just your choice!, to find the 'New Comfort Zone' is.

Good luck,

Beware Of Mental Block

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When you already have a strong desire to become entrepreneurs, while it also often appears doubts and questions within oneself. Will you be able? Various considerations more and more comes to mind, such as a hard unravel the tangled threads. It's all because of the 'Mental Block'.

'Mental Block' is usually appears in people who are mentally stunted, that is, people who have not tried but already feel like a failure or inadequacy. A variety of reasons, will be used to not want to get started.

Usually, the reasons were:

1. Seeking Justification
The type of people like this will always make excuses.
Example: "Naturally, the 'A' went on to become entrepreneurs, because he had a large capital and a lot of relationships. "

2. Self Closing
The type of people like this are always complaining about the weaknesses in himself.
Example: "I do not have the talent and capital to start a business."

3. Feeling Safe in the Comfort Zone.
The type of people like this will not feel safe, when outside its territory.
Example: "The salary I receive, is enough to satisfy my needs."

If you include the types as above, then BEWARE! Because you will always be in a circle in the wall of fear, doubts, obstacles and failures of your ability.

6 Key Secret Power of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

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Anyone just starting a new business or opening your own business, of course, has hopes for his business can survive and continue sustainable.
It required several things to be owned by every entrepreneur. And do, what these things?

1. Power of Faith
The strength of this faith is the most important and fundamental thing that must be owned Entrepreneur. With the strength of this faith, we will be confident and believe that the Lord will surely help to believe in whatever way we choose it is true.

2. Power of Mind
Have the strength of mind will make us not give up easily, not easy to think not afford. And if the power of the mind, we point to the positive things, of course, we will get positive things too.

3. Power of Healthy
Have the strength of Health, we will always remember to always maintain the physical and psychological health, health of body and soul. Do not just try in business, we forget about health.

4. Power of Dreams
No doubt, the Power of Dreams is the prime mover towards the hopes and our ideals. Without dreams, we will dwell only on the spot, without a spirit, so that our hopes for success will go away.

5. Power of Will
Have the strength of our willingness to make creative and help us find a solution to every problem.

6. Power of Networking
With a network has, we'll have a lot of relationships, and friends who will certainly facilitate the development of our business.

Good luck!

by: Wuryanano
1.”The Touch of Super Mind”
2.”Super Mind for Successful LIfe”
3.”The 21 Principles to Build and Develop Fighting Spirit”

Do Not Hesitate

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Anything as strong as your belief, there is always room in the presence of liver 'doubt' to the decision that you will live. The existence of doubt it is a natural thing. But do not let doubt dominate the landscape of the mind that it interferes with your steps.

Rather than draining time and your mind just to think of doubt, then leave. Because according to Charles mayo, she never knew anyone who died of exhaustion of work, but many people died because of doubts.

Therefore, immediately make a new commitment and conviction, that what you would surely succeed!

To overcome the doubts, do the following steps:
  • Prepare your plan carefully, including its implementation of technical preparation. Learn continuously so that you get adequate knowledge.

  • Calculate the opportunity to succeed and compare it with the chances of failure. If a greater chance of success, there is no reason to still be in doubt. Especially if you are able to calculate your ability to cope with risks that would arise.

  • Embed this high confidence of success! With it, you will exert all the power and ability you have, so that these efforts will provide optimal results.

So now, do not hesitate anymore!
Good luck

Beat Your Fear!

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In the face of something new, Burke Hedges said there are three emotions that will control ourselves: fear, enthusiasm, and doubt.

The fear is already a part of mankind since birth. But not because of that, you make an excuse for not dare to act. Use fear as a motivator to cultivate a willingness to move forward and overcome all obstacles that exist.

Beat Your Fear!
The way to defeat fear is to face and not put brave face and pretend there is no fear. Avoid looking for 'safe' or refuse to take risks is not the way to control risk, but rather the fear that will drive you.

According to Cora Haris, the most daring when fear is courage and act accordingly declare that statement. From Mark Twain said: Courage is the mastery of fear, not absence of fear. "

Due to the fear already present in humans, then why can not we beat him with positf step is to act?

No Shortcut To Be Rich!

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I never agree, if there is writing or talking, "How to get rich quick". Have you ever heard of, read the story of Donald Trump, Bill Gates, a successful entrepreneur Farrah Gray, or other? Or the top managers who dare to resign from his post to become entrepreneurs for himself?

They are people who never agree that "There is a shortcut to get rich!" They are people who believe that to be rich, it takes confidence, sincerity, hard work and high commitment.

With these aspects, show courage, and action plans until they have the expertise and skills that ultimately make them like this now!

So do not ever agree "There is a shortcut to getting rich, but Agree if there is a way to become rich!"

Good luck!


Social Entrepreneur

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What is a social entrepreneur?
Many meanings can be derived from the social entrepreneur. But before turning it, please note that the essence of the social entrepreneur is sincerity. From this essence, can be prepared a summary that describes the meaning of social entrepreneurship.

Basic aspects of social entrepreneur comprises three things:
1. Volunteers, voluntary aspect
2. Public, community-related aspects
3. Private, aspects of which is the personal element

So the meaning of social entrepreneurship is the soul of individuals with ideas, high social intelligence and innovative that utilize all the capabilities, intelligence and energy to provide the best and beneficial to society.

Very different from business entrepreneurs who focus on the economy and profits. The focus of the social entrepreneur is taking action to create social communities prosper, prosperous and dignified. And if there is profit, not a destination, and usually have little value.

Examples of individuals who have a social entrepreneur is:
Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy) with Montessori institutions (educational institutions for children), John Muir (U.S.) with the Sierra Club (Institute for the protection and conservation zoo) and many others.

Actual 'Failure' is 'NO'

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Never in this world, I encountered the concept and the formula 'failure'. and whether the school when we used to and not pass it was not a failure?, or when we sell, no buy! nor is it a failure? All of it was not a failure.

If we really want to know and understand, the real 'failures' that' does not exist. "That there are results that do not fit with what we want! or it is just the information we need so that we can utilize to achieve success!

From the example above, we are not failing because it does not pass the school, it is simply because we may be less or lazy to learn?. We are not failed to sell, because it is only because we might be wrong location?

Then why do we not want to be successful?, when 'failure' is 'no'.

Creativity Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic

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Have you ever experienced flight cancellations when you go somewhere? So what do you do? Complain, grumble or be angry with the airline staff?, return home and continue the next day or just call the place you would go to notify pembatan this?

In stark contrast to what is done by a Richard Branson. He also experienced the same thing when going toward the Virgin Islands. Though the flight was the only one to that goal that day.

Not grumbling or anger, but Branson calmly toward the plane rental place and ask the cost. After counting for a while, then he borrowed a blackboard and wrote, "The chair toward the Virgin Islands, $ 39 ".

With the board, Branson walked back toward the passenger waiting room that flight was also canceled. Action Branson was warmly welcomed by other passengers and aircraft lease costs finally fulfilled.

Finally, Branson can go to the Virgin Islands just in time. This experience that inspired Branson to set up airline "Virgin Atlantic".

True, the slightest opportunity, with creativity will create solutions and extraordinary results!

Success Is A Mindset And A Choice

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There are still many WHO have the view That entrepreneurs are people Who Are elderly / old. Though many facts That Happened today, the Emergence of entrepreneurs are young. Then another view, if so entrepreneurs should capitalize lot of money. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs who started his business with a mediocre capital.

Then, what is wrong with these views? Actually there is nothing wrong, now it's been a lot of young among the who have the view that, success is a mindset and a choice.

That is what underlies what is happening today, many young and successful entrepreneurs Appear! This is because They have a frame of mind and a clear purpose. They So with all the processes in its path, can Achieve what the choice is a success!

Yes, success is a mindset and A Choice!

My Favorite Quotes

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Gary Farah Quotes from his book entitled "Reallionaire"is, very inspired and motivated me to start a business and running the business today.

"I was never poor, just do not have any money. 
Poverty is a frame of mind. While no money is only a temporary condition "
by Farrah Gray


“If better is possible, than good is just not enough.”
by Farah Gray Grandmother's.


For me, a series of these simple words but have incredible strength.

Three Basic Factors For Success To Be An Entrepreneur

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Many successful entrepreneurs who start businesses do not have anything, except 3 of these factors. However, because 3 of these factors, they can!

What 3 factors that?
1. Dream
Dream about your future. For with the dream, you will have an unlimited future. You just need to continue to factor-2 below.

2. Challenge
For this challenge required the courage and conviction. And with the challenge of dream, you will try to reach it.

3. Trying
If you only try-try it, will not mean anything. The meaning of trying this, is that you must strive to reach to make it happen. And usually, when this effort emerged the ideas that extraordinary, such as plans, objectives, systems, skills and so forth.

You know, Steve Jobs? Initially Steve Jobs is an ordinary person and not a nobody. He was just a young man who had a hobby of his battered jeans and no money. But once in his garage, he makes and founded Apple Computer Vendor? Now he's listed in the Fortune 500 faster than anyone in history. Incredible!

And now it's time to go back to your own, whether you've had 3 of these factors?

Good luck!

Be Entrepreneurs: "Brave First, Then Skillfully."

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There are still many people who think, if you want to be entrepreneurs must be skilled first. It is not wrong with these thoughts, but when we see how much unemployment today really have a particular skill. But because they do not dare to start a business, eventually became just the skills that are not mere skill is useless?

From it proved, that the most important capital to start a business of any kind is courage. Yes, brave first, then skillfully. Because, to be a businessman .... skill is not everything!

There are many examples around us, like a man who went on to become managers, not necessarily be a successful entrepreneur. Conversely, one who does not have managerial skills but dare to start a business it worked!

Dare we now?
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