Sugeng, The King of Foot False

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As a result of traffic accidents, at the age of 19 years Sugeng lost a leg. Although now Sugeng had only one leg but he was not discouraged. After frequently changing false leg and not feel there is a match, he finally took the initiative to create their own fake leg..

Of ideas and creativity, artificial prosthetic Sugeng increasingly known to many people, especially for people with leg disabilities. And after his story aired by Metro TV (national TV station in Indonesia) Sugeng name more known. And it is inspiring many to follow to stay motivated in any condition.

Sugeng is now known as The King of Foot False. Although already famous, Sugeng still help the people who fared the same with him. Besides helping to create a prosthetic that fits, he continued to also motivate them not to become discouraged and continue to live the life.

And its unique, Sugeng way to motivate is to denounce people who lost their legs, rather than encouraging these people. He said, "You've not useful, appropriate to the times you just dumped it. " The words It is not to censure but is intended as a motivation, for people with disabilities sudden it became stronger mentally.

With the existence of the program "Free Foot False Movement 1000" from "Kick Andy Foundation", Sugeng increasingly eager to help relieve the people who lost their legs. And this is the motto Sugeng, "Do not be afraid or worried about your life. You can lose your leg but if you give up, you stupid,"

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What Are The Core Of Financial Planning?

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Financial Planning is an act to be in control of matters relating to the need and use money.

So, when we plan something, we should as a party in control. Not as a party-controlled. Therefore, the core of Financial Planning is a life free from financial problems, not the life that is controlled by money, not life full of anxiety and worries about money.

Financial Planning someone as the perpetrator is someone who will always control the money, make money working for him, not his life is ruled by money, not his work for money.

Why Need To Do Financial Planning?
  • Because everyone would need a guarantee for old age. And the guarantee is to be built starting from now, while time and resources still exist.
  • Uncertain conditions. With Financial Planning, we will find out various things and opportunities. And so there is a good opportunity comes, we already have the energy of money to make money work for us. Because if not, will a lot of opportunities that passed in front of us without being able to do nothing.

Good luck!

From Villages So Millionaires In The City

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With the brand "Meatball City Cak Man", Abdur Rachman Tukiman who was called "Cak Man", the son of the village which now has become a billionaire. Business Cak Man has 86 branches oulet Meatball scattered across Indonesia with each other. outletnyai turnover ranges from U$D 300 to U$D 700 per day, or about U$D 50,000 per day for all outlets.

Of the total gross sales per month, five percent went into the pockets Cak Man as franchise royalties. So just stay quiet, Cak Man already has income of U$D 10,000 per month.
Prior to becoming a billionaire, passed his childhood in a small hamlet of the village Sumurup, East Java. Remote villages with the natural conditions surrounding the hilly and barren rock that is less favorable for agriculture. But with the condition that such a soul to grow strong, endures, is not easy to complain and never want to give up on himself Cak Man.

Because of hard work and perseverance finally paid off. Meatball his stall every day flooded with customers. Other Branches were later founded. The success he achieved gradually Cak Man. Until finally in February 2007 with the establishment of PT Jaya City, he opened the franchise to its business. Now after 23 years of his meatballs franchise businesses already have 57 outlets and is able to absorb hundreds of workers.

Don't Fight The Change!

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In this world there is no such thing as eternal or unchanging. Everything is changing towards a balance and continue to follow and obey the laws of nature. That's precisely the change that lasts! And the changes that have occurred since we have not been born into this world.

So it is with life, is continually evolving and always changing. To initiate a change in life, start by being open to changes in the vicinity. Observe and analyze the impact of any changes that exist primarily to your life. With attitudes like that then you become adaptable.

Changes in life from a payday become an entrepreneur is also a mental attitude that needs to be trained and can not suddenly come to you. However, to change the mindset of people pay (employees) to be an entrepreneur is not an impossible even if the process takes time, willpower and discipline. To turn into an entrepreneur, you have to start raising awareness with strong reasons for change!

It's good you realize that the demand for better (changed) it was not only from within yourself (internal needs), but also the demands of the increasingly rapid changes (external factors).

The presence of globalization and advanced technology development in today's era, the work can no longer be relied upon as the sole source of livelihood security, so we close our eyes to all the changes and be absorbed in routine work. It is time we should always try to anticipate changes and be ready to change along with change itself.

At present and in future, entrepreneurial start to be excellent and will become the main fields in income for every man.

If the demands of change is so?, why we must fight!

Get The Seven Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Do you know what factors determine successful entrepreneurs can achieve their success? Those who succeed have a well educated but not a few who are not high. They're also having a high technical ability some are not. But why they can achieve success?

If we look and learn, almost all successful entrepreneurs have in common to apply the secret of "Attitudes & Behavior" personal qualities capable of delivering them until they achieve success.

If you want to succeed like them, get the secret of their success immediately following this:

Good luck!
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Once Again About Failure!

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From some incoming email, a lot of friends who doubt and fear of failure if you want to do business!. Ooops, was once "Business Failure" is always the specter of a scary and creepy! For that I want to review a little what it is "Business Failure" and how to eliminate the sense of doubt and fear.

Failure in business is actually quite common, because failure is the success of pending and is the process of preparing to jump higher to success. Failure is also a learning process, where we know all of the learning process requires the cost!

If your business income of U $ 5,000, let's say you have resolve the graduate program Master of Management (MM) or Master Business of Administration (MBA). because the cost to reach formal schooling ranged from that figure or even more? When losses reach $ 10,000, let's say you have earned a Doctorate Degree Business. because I believe the knowledge you gain no less valuable as the knowledge level of formal education MBA or Doctorate.

Dare to fail means daring success. failure is a process of forging themselves to face competition and business risks that may arise in business. And you need a process so that you become stronger and more resilient in facing challenges in the business world. Important!, a successful businessman who always had it. Based on the research of Professor Lisa Amos from Tulane University, USA, successful entrepreneurs have failed at an average of 3.8 business ventures before they finally succeeded.

A wise man said that in fact occurs only a thin difference between "Failure and Success". Because when you are at the top critical success and when you slip up to fall, then you will be under the back. That in life, responding to the mediocre. And now it depends on how you react to it?

I believe that you are a successful entrepreneur nominees.

Good luck!

You Want To Succeed In Business? Just Start ...

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Read the title of the article above, really easy? It is true, because if we did not start it, when do we know if we're going to successful business? So if you want to succeed in business ... Start it! Do not worry how it later. But let later how it is and face! The important thing is you're getting ready earlier.

Many people who decide to start a business by preparing a detailed plan, but all it only be limited to plans and decisions, and never implemented the alias no action!

They are still in doubt and fear of failure. they are also still trying to convince myself to collect money as much as for the preparation and reserve life. For people like this, regardless of the money owned yand still not be able to replace the loss of a sense of security that accompanies the loss of salary as an employee.

Starting a new business together with learning. Anyone know, who learned his name is usually far from perfect. Even open your business materially opportunity not produce anything or loss. That's the cost of learning. Same as when we learn at school also would cost. So here's the key for your courage to start.

Do not hesitate to begin, because the sense of doubt it will cause your plan fell apart. And no story, a successful entrepreneur started his business with doubt!. They start with belief and hard work and willingness to always learn.

A true entrepreneur, his brain is always spinning thinking about business, even if he is sleeping! 

Good luck!

The Key To Successfully Deal With Competition

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Do not drown your business intentions only because of fear of competition that will be facing. Even the often competition will bring mutual benefits. There have been many examples of successful entrepreneurs who took a few business associates who engaged in similar fields to form a trading community, so they do not feel competed with each other.

Actually the mental courage to face the competition has been taught by God since we were created. We are born into the world, in truth has won millions of sperm competition from a scramble to unite with the egg cell that is in our mother's womb. Therefore, the learning process in competing, should inspire us that we are the winners!

To be able to win persainagn business, the key is how you can provide value-added of products or services you offer. Whether the price is cheaper with good quality or with superior service, or the other?

Value-added means providing as many benefits to others. Because basically, people do not buy products or services you offer, but they buy the benefits of the products or services.

Value added is also related to the fulfillment of customer needs with better service. If you could give something more or better benefits then there is no reason to lose in the competition.

All successful people and all the companies that managed to always have added value in itself. And they like to be an expert in his field!

Good luck

Be Careful! Shame To Start Small But Want To Look Great

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The principle of starting from a small business is a must even if you have big capital. How it is necessary to lay strong foundations before you perform large-scale expansion.

Never shy to start a business from a small scale. Instead you will be embarrassed by your own behavior if you are forced to look big and messy. Coercion of something that actually is outside the capability, in turn would negatively impact on the financial or capital firm.

Operational costs will increase, efficiency is not observed and capital expenditure was focused more on things that are less related to business development, but rather is intended to polish the physical appearance. And these are all indications of bankruptcy at the beginning of your business!. So be careful! with shame to start small but want to look great.

Good luck!

Three Secrets That Ease Become Business Owners

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Once you know the key to a business owner (in the previous article, "Being A Business Owner"), you should be able to use three secret. Because the three secrets of this, it would be easier for you to become a business owner. 

The three secrets are:

Experience of Others.
If you do a trial and error to start a business, will require much time, energy, thoughts and costs. Instead you do it all, you can take advantage of the experience of others. This experience can be of good experience or bad experience to make siten company. Learn from people who managed to become business owners, where they managed to make its system.

Other People's Ideas
Forget the shame, proud to use or imitate others' ideas, when the idea was to make your business grow.

Other People's Time
Take advantage of other people's time to take care of your business and give confidence to them. One of the weaknesses that do their own business is more successful the business, the more time it takes to take care of business. And over time you will feel tired.

IMPORTANT!, without these three things, NOTHING!. You will only have a small business because you only create jobs for yourself.

Good luck!

Being A Business Owner

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Being a Business Owner? Meaning A business owner is that you in running a business can not be directly involved and at any time, you can leave your company in a certain period of time without worrying about your business setbacks. For example: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), Mc Donald's. The owner of Mc Donald's, Ray Koc not directly involved in the hamburger business in various countries. He was simply applying the rules and standards for the company.

To learn to become business owners, can be done by:

Internship (on the job training) on successful entrepreneurs
You can learn a successful business system!

Learning self-taught with the consequences you have to do trial error and time consuming and costly

Looking for mentors
Ask for suggestions from the supervisor to implement a system that is right for your business

Buying a Franchise
Buying a franchise will be more promising of success than have to start from scratch. You do not need to do a trial error. Because, in the franchise business has been selling systems exist, finance, management, control and supervision. But you also have to look at and meticulous in choosing a franchise.

And now it depends on the choice you think?
Good luck!
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