Will You Recognize Success?

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Will you recognize success? "I'll be happy when...." what number times have we tend to said it? what number times have we tend to heard it said? The statement implies a future instead of gift date with happiness. It implies an inventory or events that has got to 1st occur, before happiness, satisfaction or fulfillment are doable.

Being happy now's another article, one I'll write within the future when.... Today, let's build ourselves be specific. Let's circle the wagons around our personal definition of success. We'll begin the exercise with a matter. Then we are going to develop an approach to its answer.

How can you acknowledge success when it arrives? This question asks you to outline success, in your terms, using your conditions and necessities. So, how does one outline success? will it mean a satisfying relationship? will it embrace a career, children, money? What does one suppose, expect or need success to appear like?

Only third-dimensional of our population has written goals. does one need to affix that elite group? Take a pen and pad, or sit at your pc and begin to outline what success is for you. will your definition of success embrace gift moment happiness? If not, write out the steps, the goals, to urge from where you're, to where you currently believe you wish to be.

Once you have outlined success, list everything you would like to try and do and everybody you would like to fulfill to achieve success. Be specific together with your definition. Get all the way down to the littlest details. this can assist you begin to visualize and believe that your success, on your terms are often real.

Everything starts as a plan, a concept, an idea, a dream. By defining success and listing what you would like to possess, accomplish or do to achieve success you start to force your ideas and dreams out of the realm of mental pictures and onto the 3 dimensional world we tend to live in.

Once you've got your definition of success, review it each 3 months. browse it and appearance at your current state of affairs. Are you successful yet? This review follow can reveal one thing vital to you. you may realize that success does not happen all directly. And, usually you may realize that when you reach your past definition of success, you may then outline success differently. What was vital to you once you 1st outlined success either becomes less significant or solely a part of what you currently believe success to be.

It is the method that's vital. outline success. List your priorities. Set your goals. Manage it slow to understand your definition of success. Review your plans usually. Revise them as circumstances and skill dictate. Avoid changing your plans simply because their attainment becomes exhausting. Life is not straightforward. Success is not straightforward. If it were straightforward, there would be additional successful folks.

Keep footage of your dreams on your mirror and walls to assist you keep targeted and motivated. Eventually, you may not would like the outward footage. Your inner vision of your success are robust enough.

This method can assist you think about what's vital to you. it'll assist you keep optimistic and disciplined when challenged. it'll assist you to achieve success on your terms. is not that value a try?

Know Better The Characteristics of Max Levchin (Successful Internet Entrepreneurs)

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The Trait: Focus

The Entrepreneur: Max Levchin

The Company: PayPal

Even prosperous businesses can be dragged under by failure to address their biggest problems head-on. When Max Levchin (above right) founded PayPal, it would have been very easy for him to neglect the rampant fraud that threatened to suffocate the company's profit margins, turning his attention instead to how great it was that

PayPal was growing at a phenomenal rate. Instead, Levchin utilized the timeless entrepreneurial characteristic of focus, making security priority number one at the fledgling online payment service.

Within a couple of years, according to Jessica Livingston's excellent book Founders at Work, fraud was largely reigned in at PayPal and the company was acquired by ebay for $1.5 billion in 2002.

The lesson here is to confront (rather than rationalize away) your company's biggest problems, no matter how well the rest of the business may be doing.

Know Better The Characteristics of Steve Jobs (Successful Internet Entrepreneurs)

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image: http://mybroadband.co.za/photos/data/500/Steve-Jobs.jpg

The Trait: Determination

The Entrepreneur: Steve Jobs

The Company: Apple/NeXt/Pixar

Perhaps no net entrepreneur has exhibited additional determination than Steve Jobs. In his currently famous speech at Stanford University's 2005 commencement, Jobs explained how he was thrown out of Apple within the mid Nineteen Eighties by the board of administrators.

"At age 30, I was out", Jobs remembers - "and terribly publicly out." The lifetime of an entrepreneur is never free from anxiety, however nothing compares to being ousted from the corporate you founded and watching others run it once it becomes a household name.

The book "iCon" reveals that Jobs apparently contemplated suicide following the crisis. whereas lesser businessmen would have crumbled, Jobs took his fall from grace as a challenge, ...
beginning two independently successful corporations from scratch (NeXt and Pixar) and eventually returning to rescue Apple from the brink of failure, spearheading its current digital music and media-driven renaissance. while not the determination to stay in Silicon Valley,

Jobs might never have came to prominence or led Apple to the market dominance it enjoys nowadays.

Six Core Strength To Be a Successful Entrepreneur.

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I see now ... a few years, the phenomenon of the emergence of entrepreneurship in Indonesia is very encouraging. Young entrepreneurs are emerging, which are so excited to start a business or own a business. It is worth to thumbs "Two Thumbs Hand"!!!

As someone who has his own business or doing business, of course you want sustainable success is not it? Especially for those who are just starting a new business or opening your own business, would have a great hope to always be able to survive and further enhance your own business on an ongoing basis. Is that so?  

You must be answered: REALLY!Well, in association with the rise of the World Entrepreneurship today, I would like to share with you, fellow entrepreneur or you are willing to plunge as an entrepreneur ... about some things that should be possessed by every entrepreneur, if they want to Sustainable Success.Here, I see there are 6 (six) core strength, which must possess a Successful Entrepreneur, namely: 

1. Faith Power 
• Power of Faith, "can not" ... is the most basic and most important ... the number one that must be owned by the entrepreneur. The power of faith, but does mean that we must believe that GOD will definitely help us ... also obliges us to "believe" or believe whatever road we have traveled it is true. Do not be a person who is always in doubt ... so ... Confidence alone!• With faith, we would be grateful creature who is always good, glad to help others, and never snobby.

2. Mind Power

 • The power of mind means that we do not easily think of giving up, not easy to think not afford. Because whatever we think is ... true, and would soon become a reality tangible. Because, remember! thought we had a super power ... Super Mind Power! Think only positive things! So do not underestimate our own minds ... later regret ...

3. Healthy Power

 • Strength of Health reminds all of us, in order to always maintain physical and mental health, health of body and spirit. Let us not be complacent with just trying in business, so forget about health ... we finally get sick physically and psychologically. This could cause our business fall apart! We can also run out of money just to go to the doctor, to a psychic healer ... to ...

4. Dream Power

 • The Power of Dreams is no doubt, as the engine driving towards our ideals. Without dreams, we can not hope to move towards success. With dreams, we become passionate incredible as it moved toward the prime ideals. Without dreams, we certainly aja ya still in place!

5. Will Power 

• The will power of course we must also have. LHA if there is no will, how could any way? yes no? The wise man said it this way: "Where There is a willingness, there is a way". With high willingness Similarly, we can be very creative. So there is always a solution to every problem. A variety of great ideas and smart as well get out because of the high strength of will.

6. Power Networking

 • Well, the power network must also have an Entrepreneur. We must strive to have many friends ... so it meant. Tap yes you know your friends do not carelessly, should have to choose your friends ... the choice is our friend ... If you do not choose your friends, well ... we can be friends with the wrong robber, thieves, smugglers, corrupt ... annoying is not it? Therefore, to build the strength of this network we shall choose friends that one vision of the business (this is preferred), because we do more to build support for our business, right? So wake up Power Business Network ... 
Okay, now only I conclude there are 6 (six) core strength to be a Successful Entrepreneur.

How to Start a Successful Small Business

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Finding Venture CapitalTo start a business, must have the necessary capital. Venture capital is a major factor in building a successful small business. Most people think that a successful small business requires a substantial capital as well. The expression is true, but it does not mean an absolute one hundred percent, because even with a small capital you can start a business, of course, a simple small business. In accordance with economic principles, namely the smallest capital we are required to produce maximum profits.
Then how to build a successful small business with small capital?. For example you want to pioneer a handicraft business accessories products, in the handicraft business is you do not need to spend a very large capital, with a fairly modest capital that you have today you can start your small business succeed.
Real capital is not just a matter of capital because you can harness the talent, expertise, ideas and creativity was the capital. For example, if you like writing skills make it as your capital to market your products, create a blog post, forum and where to market your products. Another example if you can draw, draw pictures to advertise your prouk, and of course there are many more skills that you can make the capital. 

Session Production of Goods / ServicesIf you already have the capital to begin production of the session, if you have not been able to recruit workers, you can work with service businesses, such as when you need a sewing job you can take it to a tailor and of course you take the job as well as to the cost of sewing out to be cheaper. Another example you can bring work to the screen printing t-shirt screen printing services convection or handyman. Things like that you can do and can be considered as your partner, it can also serve to save time and get good quality and neat as done by experts, of course, you must be smart in choosing the partners.Marketing / Marketing Goods and Services
Once the process is now living the pre marketing and marketing.  

In the pre-marketing stage you should consider is how to make the packaging attractive and still save money. You can use the used goods such as cement bags or sacks of course, with forms that have been modified so that the packaging may look unique. The next stage is the most important stage is the process of marketing.
Now you do not have to open a shop to sell your stuff, because you can use the Internet as the most visited media person, other than that you can also market through a network of your friends, so it would not hurt if from now you have a lot of friends. After all was done, then after that you can do is pray and keep working hard every day to make your small business into a successful small business.
Good luck

Five Things to Start Your Own Business

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Open your own business requires the right strategy in order to succeed and develop into a major corporation. Some important things you notice are the consumers, cash flow, credit, credibility, and capital.

These five things are the things that determine success or failure of your business. Here are the details of the things you should consider when starting your business:

1. Consumer

Consumers are the main things that must be considered by the business because they are the lifeblood of all businesses. Consumers are also the one who gives you your company's turnover to keep moving. The old adage says, "business will not work without something is sold" it is very true of the business.

There are many ways you can do to maintain and to attract new customers. One is as below.
In starting a business, you have to start spreading the business expand so many people know. The way to advertise. Place and the medium can be anything, such as local newspapers, radio ads, brochures were sent from home to home page personal sites, classified ads and so forth.

- Promotion
Many business people are giving promotion at the beginning of building his business. Typically, promotions are made using a discount coupon or gift purchases directly if it reaches a certain price. The effectiveness of such programs depends on the target consumer and the prizes were awarded.

- Brochures from house to house
Distributing flyers in a way from home to home can be an effective nan efficient. This method is most widely practiced in the early days of building a business with your target consumer communities.

- Discounts
The most classic way to attract and retain customers. So you do not really lose in giving discounts, try to have special requirements in advance. Effective one is the condition when the consumer is able to bring prospective buyers will be given a discount. Thus, gradually the number of customers you will always grow.

- Patented Brand
With the patented brand, then the existence and reputation of your product will be increased in the eyes of consumers. It is widely used by large companies but can also be effective for small businesses if they can afford. Unfortunately, this tends to be an ongoing process and the cost is quite expensive.

- The Customer Service
By providing the customer service is essential for all businesses. If not enough resources, the business owner could well double this position. What matters, complaints and customer satisfaction can be detected properly. But be careful, the way consumers communicate with customer service can remove or destroy a company's image.

- Network
Develop a network can lead to increased consumer. How, you can follow the show or join in an association. In an association you can share experiences and find new ideas.

2. Cash Flow

Cash flow is smooth and healthy ozmet sometimes more important than the start-up businesses. You should be able to adjust the balance between incoming and outgoing cash flow. Uneven cash flows that can provide answers that are less good at your business forward.

One is the lack of funds to pay employees, pay late credit to the bank until the fund to pay less tax. Such surprises are usually destroy your business slowly.

Ad helps you rencakan expenses and income in a month or two ahead, so if there are surprises along the way you still have time to act so that ultimately your cash flow remains positive.

In making the prediction of cash flow, you must first estimate the earnings that would go, and then compare it with your company's operational costs. Set in such a way that the projected cash flow remains positive.

3. Credit
A loan from a bank or other place is one instrument that can be used you for several reasons, such as below:

    Installments of various operational requirements without using your own money, so your cash flow can be rotated for use in another post.
    Can get a discount by buying goods in large quantities. For example, if one vendor gives you a repayment period of 30 days, but if the company paid cash you can get a discount of 2%. Then immediately to the bank and ask the loan.
    Easier to manage cash flow. Have access to a loan when needed is very helpful especially in closing the needs of incoming and outgoing cash flow.

4. Credibility
One common weakness of small companies developing new hit is the lack of credibility. Thus, when intending to move forward to a wider coverage usually lost first by larger competitors.

Its loyal customers might know about this company well, ranging from the number and competence of employees, the continuity of its business to less solid brand position nationally.

Professional presentations, testimonials from consumers, government certifications and references and word of mouth promotion by consumers can help raise your company's credibility. Credibility also be formed by the owner of the company go directly to the court and serve the consumer

5. Capital
High enough capital will be very helpful when you want to expand the company, such as renting the building, purchase equipment or vehicle operation or even acquire other small companies. With a good relationship with the bank, coupled with a track record of good credit can be a source of liquid capital.


Designing and building your own business is very important in advancing the national economy. Companies that you can open up job opportunities for many people. Although the role is very important, it does not mean it's easy to run your own company. But, with some of the tips above you are expected to survive and grow well.

7 Secrets of Success Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook rocked the world after 2004. Facebook not only changed the way people communicate but also makes its founders rich. What is the secret of success Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook?

There are several keys to success are examined by experts of business development, 7 in between is as follows:

1. Dream

Facebook was founded not by chance. Zuckerberg designed it starts from a dream. "We built something we thought was good. We want to help people share photos, videos, and share messages with each other," he said.

2. Thinking Big

Although initially a "project" college, Zuckerberg, Facebook thinks that will change the way people communicate. "By giving people the power to share, we make the world more transparent," he said.

3. Start with Small

Fortunately in this age of information technology as a business can be started from a small size without loss of echo magnitude. No need to wait for big capital to start. Business success as did Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (Apple) as well as from the commencement of a small (garage). So also with Mark Zuckerberg who began to build up from her little room.

4. Believe in Yourself

Starting a business is certainly not an easy task. But the stock of knowledge and skills could make it easier. Believe in yourself to be the most important thing. "I started my business when I was 19 years old website. I do not know anything about business. But the key is simply DO, if we start with something easier, we can certainly make some progress (progress)," he said. So start from the easiest thing, do not stay silent.

5. Follow Passion

What kind of work that makes us excited? That's where we are going to succeed. Zuckerberg really like to sit for long at the computer since the children to make a program. Passion that he kept until college. Despite his drop-out, does not mean less passion. Instead he was increasingly challenged to Facebook was born.

6. Diligent and Focused

Focus on your dreams and work diligently. Do not give up because there was no success obtained with ease, including Zuckerberg achieved miraculous achievements in building up. "People think that we build it as fiction. And we have to work hard. We sit at the computer for six years to create the code," he said.

7. No Need to Fear Facing The Giants

Zuckerberg started Facebook with dreams of a website that will be the heart of the Internet industry. And then there was a giant hard shake, namely Google. But there are always new avenues, new models, or new opportunities that have not worked out the other side. Because it would not be afraid to start something new and compete against the giants. As long as we believe what is done is something new and potentially huge, do not be afraid to start. Courage is the main capital of successful people. The proof, though there raksasan, Facebook is growing into a new giant.

Well, like what you dream? Start with small, diligently worked on it, still keep the passion, and do not be afraid to compete. Success ahead of us.

Getting More with Andrew Darwis, The Founder KASKUS

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Andrew Darwis (kaskus.us)

Who is not familiar with Kaskus?
Kaskus is the largest virtual community forum site and the No. 1 Indonesia and called Kaskuser users. Kaskus was born on November 6, 1999 by three young men from Indonesia, namely Andrew Dervish, Ronald Stephen, and Budi Dharmawan, is currently studying in Seattle, USA. This site is managed by PT Darta Media Indonesia. Kaskus has more than 4.2 million registered users. Kaskus users generally come from teenagers to adults who are living in Indonesia and outside Indonesia.

Kaskus, which stands "Kasak Kusuk", started from a hobby of a small community that later evolved to the present. Kaskus visited by at least 900 thousand people, with the number of page views exceeding 15 million every day. As of September 2011, Kaskus has had more than 552 million posts.

According to Alexa.com, in September 2011 Kaskus is ranked 264th of the world and was ranked 7th most visited site in Indonesia.

Then who is the founder?

Kaskus is the founder of a youth who was originally only wanted to develop his hobby. He is Andrew dervish, a man who was born on July 20, 1979 and has become successful young entrepreneurs thanks Kaskus forum that he has made.

The success story of this young entrepreneur started since he was a student at the University of Bina Nusantara. At that time he created a site for his uncle, and since that's when Andrew started to love with all matters relating to the website.

After he graduated from Binus, Andrew then went to America to continue his studies at Seattle University. While studying in America's success story as a founder Andrew Kaskus really begins.

History and Development Kaskus

Around 1999, Andrew was a student in America have a duty to make a website. Andrew was then intended to create a community forum which can be used to interact with other internet users, especially the Indonesian people who live in America.

Finally, on November 6, 1999, Kaskus created by Andrew and his two friends who are also from Indonesia, the Ronald and Budi. Kaskus itself is the acronym of machination that could be interpreted as gossiping or chatting.

Success story as a founder Andrew Kaskus forum is not smooth. Kaskus in the early days of this forum is not very popular, even you could say there was not much interested to visit the forum. Seeing failure, Ronald and Budi finally decided to get out of the project's website.

But the failure of the Dervish's Andrew started a lot to learn. He did not despair and began to fix his work on the website. Kaskus changed, not only as the site contains news, but many sub forums that have been developed by Andrew. For example sub forum about the game, or that contain adult content (called BB or Open-Aperture +17 +17).

Since then, the popularity Kaskus developed by Andrew began to show changes. Andrew Dervish persistence in the development of the site continued after he graduated from Seattle University and returned to Indonesia.

From this success story Andrew Dervishes began to appear. Many parties are then interested in becoming a client and put an ad in Kaskus. Not only investors, the member forum which is often referred Kaskuser Kaskus also shot up.

In 2008, Andrew delete sub forum BB +17 to obey the rules of law on pornography ITE. At first many thought that Kaskus popularity will decline, as originally Kaskus is known for its pornographic content in the BB +17.

But that assumption was incorrect. Removed after BB +17, Kaskus name remained popular in cyberspace. In fact, in April 2010, Kaskus was ranked as the sixth most visited website in Indonesia.

Andrew's success story has been much highlighted Dervish media, both print and in cyberspace. At the relatively young age, Andrew has become a successful businessman through the internet. He even won an award from Indosat to The Online Inspiring Award 2009, along with Dika Raditya blogger and author who became famous.


Top 5 Ways to Turn Innovation In Business

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In the current business competition more intense, more easily access the internet, global market growing craze, what can be done in order to stay ahead of business? Innovation is the key to success.

Unfortunately not everyone can easily make innovations in the business. By Carol Tice, business writer, there are five steps that can be taken in order to make innovations in small and medium scale business:

A step forward. 
While all businesses to do the almost uniform, go a step to do something different. For example, when others are still grappling with the traditional industrial products, concentrate to deliver products that are environmentally friendly. Or if engaged in the food, offer healthier products or organic products.

Do not be afraid of change. 
As consumers we are enjoying the new things, but as entrepreneurs we just afraid to face new ideas even though it promises profit doubled. Because it is created in the corporate culture that encourages initiatives to innovate.

Listen to the consumer. 
If the creation of energy are declining, do polls via the Internet or set up a focus group.

Give an unusual service. 
Being innovative does not always have to be a creator of something new. By providing different services could be an innovative businessman. For example, physician services in the building to open a stock exchange as may be in the middle of the high pressure in the building a lot of people who need the help of doctors by surprise.

Maintain the momentum. 
If the idea of ​​innovation has been obtained, immediately let into the environment (staff) in order to find the passion and input to make it happen.

Well, have turned innovation in your business?

Learning Success from Colonel Sanders

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image: answers.com

What regarding the great recent Colonel Sanders?
He was sixty five years recent before he found success with The Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise.

Currently KFC is one amongst the biggest retail food systems within the world. Sanders went from living off a social security cheque to creating millions.

He drove from city to city, typically sleeping in his automotive to urge the word out to restaurant house owners regarding his chicken recipe.

He was turned down over one thousand times, but had the idea and persistence to continue pursuing his dream.

He never quit, never gave up and positively did not assume he was too recent or it absolutely was too late to achieve success.

The point to this story is to never give up and to follow your heart and what you believe in. It's never too late to make a change and reset your life. Why not live with no regrets? Move forward knowing you have given things a go living life to the fullest!

It's Never Too Late To Live Your Dreams

5 Ways to Turn on the Innovation in Business

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In the current business competition more intense, more easily access the internet, global market growing craze, what can be done in order to stay ahead of business? Innovation is the key to success.

Unfortunately not everyone can easily make innovations in the business. By Carol Tice, business writer, there are five steps that can be taken in order to make innovations in small and medium scale business:

A step forward. 
While all businesses to do the almost uniform, go a step to do something different. For example, when others are still grappling with the traditional industrial products, concentrate to deliver products that are environmentally friendly. Or if engaged in the food, offer healthier products or organic products.

Do not be afraid of change. 
As consumers we are enjoying the new things, but as entrepreneurs we just afraid to face new ideas even though it promises profit doubled. Because it is created in the corporate culture that encourages initiatives to innovate.

Listen to the consumer. 
If the creation of energy are declining, do polls via the Internet or set up a focus group.

Give an unusual service. 
Being innovative does not always have to be a creator of something new. By providing different services could be an innovative businessman. For example, physician services in the building to open a stock exchange as may be in the middle of the high pressure in the building a lot of people who need the help of doctors by surprise.

Maintain the momentum. 
If the idea of ​​innovation has been obtained, immediately let into the environment (staff) in order to find the passion and input to make it happen.

Well, it's ready to turn innovation in your business?

Grateful for Mistakes

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There are many things that just should be grateful when they made mistakes.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn more

One time, we may make mistakes. And, surely it would make it uncomfortable. But, if we accustom ourselves to choose to learn - rather than just the endless regrets - it will make us more mature and develop.

No need to try to cover up mistakes
With a cool head and open heart, as to admit a mistake - although sometimes feels very heavy - in fact it was a relief. Imagine, if we just try to cover it with all means of course we'll only imagine-shadows with those mistakes and trying desperately not to get caught. Consequently, future work that should be done up, it can not be done because I was busy whitewashing. Therefore, Kjerulf suggested, try a more open and discuss about the mistakes made. Thus, when a solution is found, we will be much better and can focus on other work done.

Strengthen creativity and innovation
Randy Pausch, a famous professor, spearheaded the award, called the First Penguin (penguin first). The award was given to the teams in the class of the most daring risk-taking and failure. The award was inspired by the story of the first penguins - there's a first - risk-taking plunge into the water, knowing exactly in the water there is probably a predator ready to devour them. However, without the courage of the first penguins, there will be no tens and hundreds of penguins who dared to enter the water.

That form of "sacrifice" the truth-sometimes-need to be done to test the mentality. And, like many historical records, it is the first that they are usually victorious. The rest? Is the follower who when not qualified, only going so-so only ...

Errors usually just open the "door" other opportunities

Still remember the story of a Stick adhesive note paper from 3M, the glue that was considered a failure because less tacky? But, with some creativity, it is now just glue the paper industry were subject to easy pasting the message is removed and discarded and the company made a profit of up to billions of dollars. So, when making mistakes, trying to learn the other side of that error. Who knew there was something in her creations to achieve success.

As we celebrate the error, we would minimize the chances of making mistakes

Peter Drucker, a management expert, said the company would have to find an employee who never made a mistake and fire him. Why? According to Drucker, the employee who never made a mistake in fact never did anything. So, do not be afraid to do wrong.

5 Secrets of The Richest Young World Entrepreneur

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The positive impact of technological advances, many young people who became rich world for its innovation. But it turns out, the list of Forbes richest young children, many too young rich who do business outside the field of IT. Here are some excerpts that may be learning, how they can be successful at the age of 20 to 40 years.

1. Dustin Moskovitz (27 years)

He is co-untukmendirikan founderFacebook then choose his own company, Asana. It is also known to be an investor in various companies berbasisteknologi information.

"Since we started from the age of 20, we have a few decades ahead to find out what the possibilities that have the greatest impact from the source (knowledge) that we have."

2. Yoshikazu Tanaka (34 years)

He is the founder of the largest network of social media native of Japan, Gree.jp.

"The platform we developed new Gree This shows the commitment that we will continue to build a global ecosystem for mobile developersyang free to play. Our goal is to offer a gaming experience berbasissosial networkterbaik for all players in the world."

3. Oleg Bakhmatyuk (37 years)

The man from Ukraine is its quite unique. He managed to become a billionaire from the egg business under the business group and Ukrlanfarming Avangard. Of the gas business, he moved into the egg business because they think that feeding the starving people is not to future business.

"This agreement will provide additional benefits for all stakeholders Avangard, namely by providing the assurance of security, inventory, and improve sales and marketing capabilities are integrated with each other."

4. Chen Tianqiao (39 years)

He is the biggest berbasisgame entertainment entrepreneur in China, namely Shanda Interactive Entertainment. He raised this effort with his wife, Qianqian Luo and his brother, Danian.

"Family Happiness is more important than the success of a business."

5. Mikhail Abyzov (38 years)

Is one of the billionaire from Moscow, Russia, the rise thanks to his company name, E4 Group, which is engaged in supplying energy.

"We wanted to create a center of new materials and technology workforce as well as testing of more energy efficient. Aim of this project not only as a venue for trial of the 21st century technology that allows profits in a short period, but creating the conditions necessary for the needs in Russia, because our society really need this. "

Wish you luck!
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