Business Ideas with Little Capital

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Many business ideas that can be explored after you use the way I suggested in previous articles. However, it's good we try together to focus on ideas that do not need much capital and can be done immediately.

Here, some examples of business ideas that can be done with relatively small capital:
  1. Business sales of electronic books (E-book) or other products on the internet. You can become resseler with commissions up to 50 percent or create your own website to sell your product.

  2. Motorcycle washing services

  3. Sales agents such as cell phones or electronics products. You can offer a catalog, without having to make showroom

  4. Services salon car and the mechanic calls to consumer homes

  5. Event Organizer (EO (for weddings, birthdays, exhibitions and the like.

  6. Operating as a boutique or tailor

  7. Service bureau business permits, driver's license

  8. Laundry service calls to the home consumer sofa

  9. Baby sitter course

  10. Opening the course for: entrepreneurship, management, marketing

  11. Course automobile and motorcycle mechanic

  12. Service fee TVs, air conditioners, water pumps, refrigerators

  13. Translation Agencies

  14. Cooking classes

  15. Fashion design course

  16. Tutoring

  17. Advertising Agencies

  18. Business printing and screen printing stickers

  19. Business haircut for men and women

  20. Course wedding cake decorating, birthday

  21. Making birthday cards and wedding invitations

  22. Rental lapto, computer

  23. Outbound agents

  24. As a tax consultant

  25. Business Information Services

  26. Maid service for a party clown kids

  27. Laundry Service

  28. Rental of catering equipment

  29. Versatile courier services

  30. Dating

  31. Services business contacts

  32. Services spending needs of busy people

  33. and many more ....

Good luck!

Mind Map to New Business Success

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Example Mind Map to New Business Success

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Good Luck!

How to Find Sources of Business Ideas?

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Usually someone will start a business, confused and dizzy to find the source of ideas. Though the business idea is everywhere, even within ourselves. Sources of ideas can be from what we see and feel.

Hobbies often associated as a leisure activity, wasting time, energy and even money. This is due to the perception that call that a hobby is an activity outlet for pleasure without being able to make money. This view of course not true, because many successful entrepreneurs who started his business as a hobby owned. Even the experts think that the people doing the work with enjoy, the result will be optimized.

Mind Map
Mind Map will help make your notes more creative and effective in finding your ideas. Because by using the Mind Map, you will be able to actually "map" your mind is more creative and time saving.

Work in your field now, also could be a source of ideas. You can resume your work by turning them as their own business. For example: You are working as an architect, can continue to open his own architect's office. If you are as you've mastered the sales and distribution system and its suppliers, then you can open their own business like that.

Ideas can also be found after you read books, magazines or newspapers, listening to the radio and view information from television. Especially information about the business trends that are current or success stories of a businessman.

Meeting with friends, can come up with business ideas that have not you ever think about.

Others Imitate Business
In the business world, modeling is not a taboo subject. than you dizzy thinking about business ideas, there's no harm in copying an already successful business.
But you must give more value and should feel not satisfied with simply imitating granted.

Going to New Places
Take time to stroll into the new place you've never visited. The simple way is to change the route to your office with an unusual route you pass.

Against Sensitive Environment or Events that never Happened
There are some people who have a business, disebakan 'crash' or difficulty. For example, a successful property entrepreneurs find business idea after experiencing financial difficulties when rehabilitate his home. Even he had to sell the house that is being renovate. When selling his house, he gets a big advantage, so he thought why not just do business buying and selling houses?, because the benefits promised

Good luck!

Attitude for A Successful Entrepreneur

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To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to know and understand some of the attitudes, mentality and behavior that must be developed as owned by a success.

Has Big Dreams
Someone who will become entrepreneurs, have to start out with 'Big Dreams' to afford him a reality. If this is not owned, a person will only do business with 'as is', without clear targets and the results 'as is'.

Clever Managing Risk
At any time, anywhere in life, risk is unavoidable. So also in the business. A good entrepreneur will avoid the risk, but he will be able to manage the existing risk to a minimum by providing business opportunities. So risk can be managed or controlled will be profitable. The key is to master the business is run.

Like Challenges
This is what causes a businessman to be developed and continued success, because he likes challenges. Yes, because the challenge will be raising business. Avoiding challenges means avoiding business progress.

Got High Endurance
Successful entrepreneurs are usually able to survive in the face of various obstacles, constraints, levels of competition and other obstacles. Successful entrepreneurs will not despair when facing obstacles, even managing to get up and learn as he discovered how sweet to be an entrepreneur.

Always Trying to Give the Best
Successful entrepreneurs always started his business with the intention to give their best to consumers. This can be seen from the large companies that typically have a strong research team, with the aim to find out what they want and for the sake of customer satisfaction

Little Theorizing, More Relying Intuition
Theory is important to consider business decisions, but rely on theory alone will make seseoarng become overburdened and slow in making decisions. In business, intuition is often more dominant in decision-making. Many successful entrepreneurs who start or expand their business by relying on intuition and vision of a more advanced, such as: Coca Cola, Microsoft and others.

Just do it!

This is The Secret of Those Who Has Success!

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We see a lot more people in his life to reach the highest position or rank, the business continues to progress and develop to achieve success everything.

Then we ask, what means they use to arrive at this?
  • Whether they are in some way more intelligent than us? Do they have a particular trait or quality, which is not owned by the 'normal'?
  • Are they more fortunate than others?
  • Do they have a supernatural power, that is something that can not be described in words, so that the power or force that can not be learned or taught, tetepi obtained only because of a personal nature since birth?
  • Did they know a way, a technique for life move forward?
From the questions that appear above, only the question that last is true! Yes, those who have been successful are those who know and have a way, a technique to life go ahead!

They have:
  • Vision
  • Spirit
  • How to
  • Will
  • and Do It

That everything that can be learned by everyone. And the main thing is: "They never put off again to do it now!"

What about us?

Myths About Becoming Entrepreneurs

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Many myth or incorrect perception that a person believed to be becoming entrepreneurs, such as:

1. Talent and descendants?
Many people fail at starting a business because it was not talented. Talent does help people become entrepreneurs, but the talent is not everything for those who want to become entrepreneurs.
FACT: many successful entrepreneurs who originally it was forced.

2. Luck?
Being a successful entrepreneur is more due to luck factor.
FACT: if you are observant enough, to become a successful business can be started from the simplest like: simply by presenting a quality product and services and continue to increase your ability to market it. Aka Then you can reap many consumers.

3. Little Cheating?
In business not to be honest because the level of business competition is very fierce. Whatever may be done, as long as a profit.
FACT: The business must be conducted honestly and transparently. Because with it, customers will easily get all the information they want about your product.

4. Should Big Capital?
To start a business should be required big capital.
FACT: Capital foremost is the credibility and expertise you have. If there are others who recognize the expertise and your honesty, it is relatively easy to find capital.

5. Successful Entrepreneurs Never Make Mistakes?
FACT: successful entrepreneurs are always built its business with the 'fall-awake' and many have failed. but because they want to learn from failure, can finally achieve success.

6. It's All Material Benefits
One purpose of business is to achieve material gains as much as possible.
FACT: Businesses make us have many friends, relatives. Business provides many benefits to others. Business makes us become more mature and better.

7. As the End?
FACT: Building a business is the target of achieving financial freedom, freedom of time. If you make a business as an end, then you will be hard to let go of dependency on your business up and getting dragged to a desire that has no end

Time to Become Entrepreneurs

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Like a journey, we live our lives by always trying to find a path straight course or a perfectly safe, as the usual way through a lot of people. And consequently, we become not know if there is an alternative route beyond the scenery better, more beautiful, even more quickly we can deliver to the destination.

During this time, we also often do not care if the road as we went through was crowded with vehicles and human traffic that makes the trip to be slow and jammed.

And really like this? You try to remember back, did you ever think about or evaluate that way of life that you've been through, is the best way that can deliver you more quickly to the goal?

Could be, so far we only travel with the flow than most people equally does not know the condition of the road in front of him, which was already so bad!

Therefore, now is the perfect moment for you to ponder again, the path you have traveled. Particularly, when now you be the one who just got a salary and then expect financially free and furthermore, can become rich?

Several studies have shown that the people pay, especially with a mediocre salary ... will not guarantee you traffic system is especially rich financially free.

No matter what steps you have been through, it's time to turn the 'wheel' to find a better way and full of adventure. Road which will provide financial freedom, freedom of time, as well as beautiful scenery in your life!

The road is no other than to become entrepreneurs. To deflect the 'wheel', it takes courage and determination. If you're brave, little by little, you'll discover new things and new realities in this life.


Tips To Learn What Customers Want

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Do you know a great recipe vendors who have successfully sold hundreds, thousands or even millions of their wares? Yes, they never questioned what was said by the consultant or anyone else about the customer. the only problem is: can find out what the customer wants?

Here, some ways they have done:
  • They always ask the customer
  • They never guessing what customers want, because they know that more customers want to say to you
  • They always make a brief questionnaire in expressing himself that centered on how the business relationship from the point of customer field.
  • They provide short questionnaire to customers when they pay. That way, customers can fill it while the cashier add up what should customers pay.
  • They do not penah force customers to answer the questionnaire.
  • They never contact customers by telephone in the evening or urging customers when customers come to his shop.
You need to know, that the principle idea behind the questionnaire is to create an atmosphere that people enjoy doing business relations with you. Of course, if you are annoying, they will not be happy.

Make Customers For Lifetime

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To make customers for lifetime, before you need to know about 9 orders of this customer service:

1. Their unconscious
Try asking the customer what they want and provide for repeated

2. Use the system, do not just smile
Please and thank you greeting will not guarantee you will do your work satisfactorily at all times. Only a system that can guarantee that.

3. Save promises, generous on delivery
All customers expect you to keep their promises. Stay on the word you exceed your appointment.

4. If customers ask, always answer with the word 'yes'
Make this as an essential condition.

5. Fire inspectors and consumer relations section.
Any employees who deal directly with consumers, must have wewnang to handle consumer complaints.

6. No complaints?, Means something is wrong.
Encourage your customers to say what they are unsatisfactory?

7. Measure everything
You know, if you do this baseball team, football teams do. basketball team is doing it. So, you have to do it.

8. Salary is not fair
Pay someone as your partner.

9. Your mother's right
Respect anyone. Be polite. Because all of the way it always works.

Remember!, The 9th of this command would not mean, if you do not get the benefit. The money should go, for business to keep running and so that you can still give good service.
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