Entrepreneur Is Like A Bird Flying Free

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I can assume people pay an employee or as a bird in a cage. You can certainly imagine how a bird living in a cage that always get regular food rations from the 'owner'. Food was there in front of him, but the birds do not have a chance to use its wings to fly further because it is restricted by the cage.

If too long in a cage, its wings will not work best because it is not used. Even so the bird could have forgotten or do not know anymore how to fly the truth? In fact, not infrequently, the bird died when the desperate out of the cage.

Learning from the story of the bird, the longer a person becomes people pay, the more difficult it is to be released from the shackles of his job.

Different the entrepreneurs, I suppose if the entrepreneur is like a bird flying free. With free flight, birds getting trained. The bird will try to find their own food in ways learned from the things that will be met. By trying and keep learning, the bird will be able to retrieve the results and benefits of what has been learned. more trained, the more he gets the results and benefits!

If you are a free-flying birds, then you will get something that maybe you would not imagine before:
1. Achieving financial freedom
2. Free independence from employers
3. Avoid dismissal at any time
4. Freedom from routine
5. Freedom to be creative
6. More freely with family and loved ones
7. Creating jobs
and many more ..
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