Capital is not always Money

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The classic question is always delivered in every discussion I've ever done is: "How to start a business, while I do not have the capital." Or "How did want to start, I have no money?"

After undergoing a business, you will understand that the initial capital is not always the form of money. In my experience, when I try to invest all financial resources that I have, to an endless, it turns out that my effort did not produce even pioneered. Probably because most of the runs out to play-collar office earlier. But just when I run out of cash resources, and living resources rely on ideas and network, I even started running the business.

So I think the main capital is a must-have ideas or ideas. And this idea produced by our own brain, for free. If you do not currently have an idea, not apa2. Still have a brain right? Because as long as still have a brain, an idea will be dating myself, of course, if we continuously stimulated through reading books, discussions and brainstorming with friends. If it turns out after the check has not got the brain too, well that's another issue.

I believe that an idea is proven to generate money, then by his own will attract other things to support it. Including attracting capital owners in the form of money we need.

Well, thus we also have to have the skills to sell ideas. The idea or the idea was we have to get to the right people, the right way, at the right time. So if you want to start a business have to get used to convey ideas verbally, in writing or through the demo. This skill is not easy, but it can be practiced and learned.
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