Business Ideas with Little Capital

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Many business ideas that can be explored after you use the way I suggested in previous articles. However, it's good we try together to focus on ideas that do not need much capital and can be done immediately.

Here, some examples of business ideas that can be done with relatively small capital:
  1. Business sales of electronic books (E-book) or other products on the internet. You can become resseler with commissions up to 50 percent or create your own website to sell your product.

  2. Motorcycle washing services

  3. Sales agents such as cell phones or electronics products. You can offer a catalog, without having to make showroom

  4. Services salon car and the mechanic calls to consumer homes

  5. Event Organizer (EO (for weddings, birthdays, exhibitions and the like.

  6. Operating as a boutique or tailor

  7. Service bureau business permits, driver's license

  8. Laundry service calls to the home consumer sofa

  9. Baby sitter course

  10. Opening the course for: entrepreneurship, management, marketing

  11. Course automobile and motorcycle mechanic

  12. Service fee TVs, air conditioners, water pumps, refrigerators

  13. Translation Agencies

  14. Cooking classes

  15. Fashion design course

  16. Tutoring

  17. Advertising Agencies

  18. Business printing and screen printing stickers

  19. Business haircut for men and women

  20. Course wedding cake decorating, birthday

  21. Making birthday cards and wedding invitations

  22. Rental lapto, computer

  23. Outbound agents

  24. As a tax consultant

  25. Business Information Services

  26. Maid service for a party clown kids

  27. Laundry Service

  28. Rental of catering equipment

  29. Versatile courier services

  30. Dating

  31. Services business contacts

  32. Services spending needs of busy people

  33. and many more ....

Good luck!
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