How to Find Sources of Business Ideas?

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Usually someone will start a business, confused and dizzy to find the source of ideas. Though the business idea is everywhere, even within ourselves. Sources of ideas can be from what we see and feel.

Hobbies often associated as a leisure activity, wasting time, energy and even money. This is due to the perception that call that a hobby is an activity outlet for pleasure without being able to make money. This view of course not true, because many successful entrepreneurs who started his business as a hobby owned. Even the experts think that the people doing the work with enjoy, the result will be optimized.

Mind Map
Mind Map will help make your notes more creative and effective in finding your ideas. Because by using the Mind Map, you will be able to actually "map" your mind is more creative and time saving.

Work in your field now, also could be a source of ideas. You can resume your work by turning them as their own business. For example: You are working as an architect, can continue to open his own architect's office. If you are as you've mastered the sales and distribution system and its suppliers, then you can open their own business like that.

Ideas can also be found after you read books, magazines or newspapers, listening to the radio and view information from television. Especially information about the business trends that are current or success stories of a businessman.

Meeting with friends, can come up with business ideas that have not you ever think about.

Others Imitate Business
In the business world, modeling is not a taboo subject. than you dizzy thinking about business ideas, there's no harm in copying an already successful business.
But you must give more value and should feel not satisfied with simply imitating granted.

Going to New Places
Take time to stroll into the new place you've never visited. The simple way is to change the route to your office with an unusual route you pass.

Against Sensitive Environment or Events that never Happened
There are some people who have a business, disebakan 'crash' or difficulty. For example, a successful property entrepreneurs find business idea after experiencing financial difficulties when rehabilitate his home. Even he had to sell the house that is being renovate. When selling his house, he gets a big advantage, so he thought why not just do business buying and selling houses?, because the benefits promised

Good luck!
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