Sugeng, The King of Foot False

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As a result of traffic accidents, at the age of 19 years Sugeng lost a leg. Although now Sugeng had only one leg but he was not discouraged. After frequently changing false leg and not feel there is a match, he finally took the initiative to create their own fake leg..

Of ideas and creativity, artificial prosthetic Sugeng increasingly known to many people, especially for people with leg disabilities. And after his story aired by Metro TV (national TV station in Indonesia) Sugeng name more known. And it is inspiring many to follow to stay motivated in any condition.

Sugeng is now known as The King of Foot False. Although already famous, Sugeng still help the people who fared the same with him. Besides helping to create a prosthetic that fits, he continued to also motivate them not to become discouraged and continue to live the life.

And its unique, Sugeng way to motivate is to denounce people who lost their legs, rather than encouraging these people. He said, "You've not useful, appropriate to the times you just dumped it. " The words It is not to censure but is intended as a motivation, for people with disabilities sudden it became stronger mentally.

With the existence of the program "Free Foot False Movement 1000" from "Kick Andy Foundation", Sugeng increasingly eager to help relieve the people who lost their legs. And this is the motto Sugeng, "Do not be afraid or worried about your life. You can lose your leg but if you give up, you stupid,"

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