What Are The Core Of Financial Planning?

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Financial Planning is an act to be in control of matters relating to the need and use money.

So, when we plan something, we should as a party in control. Not as a party-controlled. Therefore, the core of Financial Planning is a life free from financial problems, not the life that is controlled by money, not life full of anxiety and worries about money.

Financial Planning someone as the perpetrator is someone who will always control the money, make money working for him, not his life is ruled by money, not his work for money.

Why Need To Do Financial Planning?
  • Because everyone would need a guarantee for old age. And the guarantee is to be built starting from now, while time and resources still exist.
  • Uncertain conditions. With Financial Planning, we will find out various things and opportunities. And so there is a good opportunity comes, we already have the energy of money to make money work for us. Because if not, will a lot of opportunities that passed in front of us without being able to do nothing.

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