7 Secrets of Success Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook rocked the world after 2004. Facebook not only changed the way people communicate but also makes its founders rich. What is the secret of success Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook?

There are several keys to success are examined by experts of business development, 7 in between is as follows:

1. Dream

Facebook was founded not by chance. Zuckerberg designed it starts from a dream. "We built something we thought was good. We want to help people share photos, videos, and share messages with each other," he said.

2. Thinking Big

Although initially a "project" college, Zuckerberg, Facebook thinks that will change the way people communicate. "By giving people the power to share, we make the world more transparent," he said.

3. Start with Small

Fortunately in this age of information technology as a business can be started from a small size without loss of echo magnitude. No need to wait for big capital to start. Business success as did Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (Apple) as well as from the commencement of a small (garage). So also with Mark Zuckerberg who began to build up from her little room.

4. Believe in Yourself

Starting a business is certainly not an easy task. But the stock of knowledge and skills could make it easier. Believe in yourself to be the most important thing. "I started my business when I was 19 years old website. I do not know anything about business. But the key is simply DO, if we start with something easier, we can certainly make some progress (progress)," he said. So start from the easiest thing, do not stay silent.

5. Follow Passion

What kind of work that makes us excited? That's where we are going to succeed. Zuckerberg really like to sit for long at the computer since the children to make a program. Passion that he kept until college. Despite his drop-out, does not mean less passion. Instead he was increasingly challenged to Facebook was born.

6. Diligent and Focused

Focus on your dreams and work diligently. Do not give up because there was no success obtained with ease, including Zuckerberg achieved miraculous achievements in building up. "People think that we build it as fiction. And we have to work hard. We sit at the computer for six years to create the code," he said.

7. No Need to Fear Facing The Giants

Zuckerberg started Facebook with dreams of a website that will be the heart of the Internet industry. And then there was a giant hard shake, namely Google. But there are always new avenues, new models, or new opportunities that have not worked out the other side. Because it would not be afraid to start something new and compete against the giants. As long as we believe what is done is something new and potentially huge, do not be afraid to start. Courage is the main capital of successful people. The proof, though there raksasan, Facebook is growing into a new giant.

Well, like what you dream? Start with small, diligently worked on it, still keep the passion, and do not be afraid to compete. Success ahead of us.
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