Grateful for Mistakes

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There are many things that just should be grateful when they made mistakes.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn more

One time, we may make mistakes. And, surely it would make it uncomfortable. But, if we accustom ourselves to choose to learn - rather than just the endless regrets - it will make us more mature and develop.

No need to try to cover up mistakes
With a cool head and open heart, as to admit a mistake - although sometimes feels very heavy - in fact it was a relief. Imagine, if we just try to cover it with all means of course we'll only imagine-shadows with those mistakes and trying desperately not to get caught. Consequently, future work that should be done up, it can not be done because I was busy whitewashing. Therefore, Kjerulf suggested, try a more open and discuss about the mistakes made. Thus, when a solution is found, we will be much better and can focus on other work done.

Strengthen creativity and innovation
Randy Pausch, a famous professor, spearheaded the award, called the First Penguin (penguin first). The award was given to the teams in the class of the most daring risk-taking and failure. The award was inspired by the story of the first penguins - there's a first - risk-taking plunge into the water, knowing exactly in the water there is probably a predator ready to devour them. However, without the courage of the first penguins, there will be no tens and hundreds of penguins who dared to enter the water.

That form of "sacrifice" the truth-sometimes-need to be done to test the mentality. And, like many historical records, it is the first that they are usually victorious. The rest? Is the follower who when not qualified, only going so-so only ...

Errors usually just open the "door" other opportunities

Still remember the story of a Stick adhesive note paper from 3M, the glue that was considered a failure because less tacky? But, with some creativity, it is now just glue the paper industry were subject to easy pasting the message is removed and discarded and the company made a profit of up to billions of dollars. So, when making mistakes, trying to learn the other side of that error. Who knew there was something in her creations to achieve success.

As we celebrate the error, we would minimize the chances of making mistakes

Peter Drucker, a management expert, said the company would have to find an employee who never made a mistake and fire him. Why? According to Drucker, the employee who never made a mistake in fact never did anything. So, do not be afraid to do wrong.
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