Six Core Strength To Be a Successful Entrepreneur.

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I see now ... a few years, the phenomenon of the emergence of entrepreneurship in Indonesia is very encouraging. Young entrepreneurs are emerging, which are so excited to start a business or own a business. It is worth to thumbs "Two Thumbs Hand"!!!

As someone who has his own business or doing business, of course you want sustainable success is not it? Especially for those who are just starting a new business or opening your own business, would have a great hope to always be able to survive and further enhance your own business on an ongoing basis. Is that so?  

You must be answered: REALLY!Well, in association with the rise of the World Entrepreneurship today, I would like to share with you, fellow entrepreneur or you are willing to plunge as an entrepreneur ... about some things that should be possessed by every entrepreneur, if they want to Sustainable Success.Here, I see there are 6 (six) core strength, which must possess a Successful Entrepreneur, namely: 

1. Faith Power 
• Power of Faith, "can not" ... is the most basic and most important ... the number one that must be owned by the entrepreneur. The power of faith, but does mean that we must believe that GOD will definitely help us ... also obliges us to "believe" or believe whatever road we have traveled it is true. Do not be a person who is always in doubt ... so ... Confidence alone!• With faith, we would be grateful creature who is always good, glad to help others, and never snobby.

2. Mind Power

 • The power of mind means that we do not easily think of giving up, not easy to think not afford. Because whatever we think is ... true, and would soon become a reality tangible. Because, remember! thought we had a super power ... Super Mind Power! Think only positive things! So do not underestimate our own minds ... later regret ...

3. Healthy Power

 • Strength of Health reminds all of us, in order to always maintain physical and mental health, health of body and spirit. Let us not be complacent with just trying in business, so forget about health ... we finally get sick physically and psychologically. This could cause our business fall apart! We can also run out of money just to go to the doctor, to a psychic healer ... to ...

4. Dream Power

 • The Power of Dreams is no doubt, as the engine driving towards our ideals. Without dreams, we can not hope to move towards success. With dreams, we become passionate incredible as it moved toward the prime ideals. Without dreams, we certainly aja ya still in place!

5. Will Power 

• The will power of course we must also have. LHA if there is no will, how could any way? yes no? The wise man said it this way: "Where There is a willingness, there is a way". With high willingness Similarly, we can be very creative. So there is always a solution to every problem. A variety of great ideas and smart as well get out because of the high strength of will.

6. Power Networking

 • Well, the power network must also have an Entrepreneur. We must strive to have many friends ... so it meant. Tap yes you know your friends do not carelessly, should have to choose your friends ... the choice is our friend ... If you do not choose your friends, well ... we can be friends with the wrong robber, thieves, smugglers, corrupt ... annoying is not it? Therefore, to build the strength of this network we shall choose friends that one vision of the business (this is preferred), because we do more to build support for our business, right? So wake up Power Business Network ... 
Okay, now only I conclude there are 6 (six) core strength to be a Successful Entrepreneur.
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