The Difference Between Leaders and Employers

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Business success will be determined by how strong leadership you have. Because in your business no longer work alone. Avoid the nature of the employer, because the nature of the leader is very different from the nature of the employer.

For that you need to know the difference:
1. A leader will create a trust, an employers usually creates fear.
2. The nature of leadership will foster a spirit, the nature of employers' growing ire
3. A leader would say 'we', one employer said, 'I'.
4. A leader shows a way to improve and guide, an employers will be denounced and rebuked if an error occurred.
5. A leader shows how to subordinates, an employers only know for himself.
6. The nature of leadership makes the job becomes interesting, the nature of the employers makes the job boring.
7. A leader believes will help his subordinates, an employers believe in the power authority.
8. A leader will lead, an employers would lead.

Good luck!
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