Important! Have Vision And Mission For Your Business

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Have a vision and mission, when you run a business. Due to the vision and mission, you will have a plan and purpose of what your business on 2.5, or 10 years into the future. You will not easily give up and more diligent in running your business.

Meanwhile, without a clear vision and mission:
You will be easily changed or moved around in running your business. Like, if you have obstacles, you will give up and move on to other business fields.
You will only pursue profits misguided, short-term and usually only money-oriented. As a result, your business will not last long could even go bankrupt.

But if you're in the process of learning to pioneer a business or looking for a suitable business, vision and mission is not compulsory. Because, in starting a business from scratch (new business) and you have never tried at all, usually just adds a long series of deliberations and could hamper for immediate start.

However, goal setting minimum stay is required when starting a business, especially the determination of sales turnover, target customers, marketing strategies that must be achieved so that the principal capital reached (Break Even Point). Ok!

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